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winterfrosted replied to your post “at first i watched teen wolf ironically, then i got super invested and…”

and I’m in the next stage which is : I’m done with this show !

i would be right there with you, but damn my weak will, I’m just too emotionally attached to these characters to quit. frick you, jeff :|


#god this is always so beautiful to me #raleigh is so beautifully kind here #not ‘let me save you mako’ but #’let me do this last task mako you did everything important and let me just do this simple thing’

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at first i watched teen wolf ironically, then i got super invested and now i’m watching it ironically again i’ve come full circle

Emma Watson for Elle US (By Carter Smith) (x)

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derek hale + smiling in s4

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2x11  4x05

i don’t know why we are going after a beta when there’s an alpha on the field.


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